The Danville Arts Council Gallery presents:

Works In Progress

Works By Bob McCormick

Where: The Danville Arts Council Gallery

              in the Danville Business Alliance

              620 Mill Street, Danville, PA

When: September 8 – November 25

Reception: Thursday, November 14


Artist Statement

Throughout my first few years making art, my subject matter focused primarily on scenes inspired by the Pennsylvania landscape.  Having lived most of my life in nearby Schuylkill County, I’m familiar with the local scenery. From our exquisite rolling farmland to the dramatic remnants of anthracite’s heyday, I employ a very stylized approach in my painting.  In an attempt to classify my work, I’ve settled on the name “Modern Primitive,” as my creations possess characteristics of both “schools.”

    My exhibit at the Danville Arts Council Gallery, “Works in Progress,” includes pieces that have been created throughout the past seven years.  With this show, I wish to emphasize to all that it’s never too late to try something new. For over thirty years, I taught high school English and accentuated my days with a good deal of performance.  At age fifty I signed up for an evening class in painting; since then, I’ve continued to grow by taking a number of distant workshops, as well as attending some local classes. Each experience has furnished me with another technique, and today you will see some of my artistic evolution on the walls of this gallery.

    About six years ago, I joined the Artspace Co-operative Gallery in Bloomsburg, and I would like to encourage everyone to visit “The Texture of Becoming,” on display until November 16th at the Center Street location.  For this exhibit, I teamed up with fellow members, Deb Stabley (Ceramics) and Beth Aten (Fabrics) as we explore what this motif means to each of us at this point in our creative journeys. 

    Finally, I’d like to thank the Danville Arts Council and each of you for welcoming me to your community.  I hope to continue making art, and I really appreciate your support. Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide it’s your turn to pick up a brush.  Enjoy the show!

Becky Marks
William and Jeanine Snover
Paula and Greg Benkovic

The Danville Borough

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