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The Danville Arts Council has a great many art- and performance-centered events on tap for the near future, and some really great events coming to town that enhance the arts. Some are still being developed or not all of the details have been worked out yet, but here is the preliminary calendar of some future events. Also, some events are still being planned, so keep your out on this spot through out the year to see if things are added!

Not all of these events are DAC-sponsored or managed events, but we love to promote the arts in Danville and the region so we’re happy to add them to our calendar. Come out and enjoy as much as you can; if you are an artist or performer of any kind please get involved in any way you can.

Upcoming Events
DAC Monthly Meeting
Danville Business Alliance
Memento Mori – Conversations RECEPTION
Danville Business Alliance
DAC Monthly Meeting
Danville Business Alliance
Where The Wild Things Are Plein Air Event
The Haven at Centerhill
Becky Marks
William and Jeanine Snover
Paula and Greg Benkovic

The Danville Borough

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