Where: The Exchange Gallery

              24 East Main St

              Bloomsburg, PA

When:  Nov 13, 2017–Jan 7, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday,

                                     Nov 14, 6–8 pm

What to bring: Friends and family

Once again The Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg will give away panels for you to make artwork on, every one roughly 7" x 9": You can paint directly onto the panel, glue on a photo, wrap it in knitting, build a sculpture, etc.  Last year they gave away about 400 panels; you may take three at a time, and when you bring them back with artwork on them you may take three more, etc., until we run out of panels -- and then you may cut your own about that size and submit artwork on them!

The Exchange Gallery will display EVERY piece that comes in.  Every piece sells for $25, with the artist receiving $20 and the Gallery retaining $5 to help keep the lights on.


The Exchange will accept artwork at the Gallery from the day they give panels away until the day the show closes: As work sells and gets carried away, they will put new pieces up, so the show always looks fresh throughout its run.

Questions? Please call 570-317-2596 or e-mail

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Becky Marks
William and Jeanine Snover
Paula and Greg Benkovic

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